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Alexis Percival is a Trustee of this Charity.

She will be talking about its origins, the foundation of the Oakwood Farmers’ Market, and plans for the future.

Of special interest to Allotmenteers and
Anyone who is concerned for the future of the planet

Tuesday March 5, 7.30 pm in the Methodist Church, Town
St. Chapel Allerton . All Welcome
Small entry charge of £5 includes tea and coffee


Our on-site shop stocks a large variety of gardening essentials at a discounted price to both Plotholders and Garden Members.

Open 11.00 until 12.00 on Saturdays.



Put it to good use for the benefit of the local community!

As you will know, Karen one of our Committee members has arranged to drop off spare vegetables and fruit at St Aidans Church Roundhay Rd once a week.

St Aidans offer fresh Veg and fruit as well as other food to local people in need. They also cook any veg/fruit which is not distributed and provide a community meal for local people once a week. This combined approach seems to offer a really good solution to spare allotment produce, so we have arranged for any spare produce we collect to go there and we are asking any plot holders who have spare produce and want to donate it to this project to drop stuff off on Thursdays (10.30am) with the Volunteer Group  and on Friday mornings with Will or Karen or just leave it on the table near the Containers. . Karen has volunteered to deliver what we get to the church; others will also help out with this. If you are interested in getting involved but can't drop off stuff on those days, please let Will know [].


 The volunteers at St Aidans have been very grateful for all the fresh produce received so far [see pictures].

Please keep it coming!

Please note that, as previously advised we provide St Aidans Church Chapeltown with plot holders' surplus produce every Friday. We leave a Green box on the table near the Containers for donations.  Please don't take produce donated from plot holders for the foodbank from the table as its going to the food bank and not intended for other plot holders.

RAGA Secretary  19 June 2023

Some pictures below of our RAGA Summer Barbecue held on 22 July 2023. Very well attended, despite the rain!


Just a reminder that the paths between plots are the responsibility of plot holders to maintain. The Committee are therefore asking all plot holders to pay particular attention to the condition of paths around plots, several are overgrown and a danger to others and we have had one unfortunate accident due to poor path maintenance. 


RAGA Committee

People have been asking about whether or not it is now allowed to have bonfires on their plots to get rid of non- compostable rubbish.
The current advice from LCC is that only dry wood fires are allowed on allotment sites, no wet or green material is to be burnt, so please continue to compost all you can, and take anything which is liable not to burn with minimal smoke emission home with you for disposal. Or wait until things have dried out.



Leeds City Council have teamed up with Great Green Systems to offer Leeds residents discounted prices on compost bins - to claim your discount visit


The Green Johanna is great for gardeners, you can use it to compost all your garden and food waste (even meat and dairy). It is a hot composter so it produces compost much quicker than standard compost bins and it’s also fully sealed to keep out vermin.


For more information on composting sign up to the Bin, Waste and Recycling mailing list or visit”


Kind Regards

Lynne Rogers, Senior Allotment Officer, Communities & Environment


RAGA is an organisation whose primary aim is to administer an allotment site on the corner of Princes Avenue and Lidgett Park Road in the Leeds suburb of Roundhay.


Please note that under the terms of the Constitution & Rules the RAGA committee carry out periodic inspections to ensure that plots are being kept up to a reasonable standard . The Managing non-cultivation Procedures are set out here

small white airmail envelope with small

ACCIDENTS : All accidents on site should be reported by email to

And it's not JUST about growing vegetables of course
  • We have shaded walks

  • A wildlife area

  • A nature reserve

  • A bug hotel

Plus occasional social events, like the Summer BBQ,

learning workshops, etc., etc.


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If this is an enquiry about availability of a plot, it will be passed straight to the RAGA Lettings Officer who will respond direct to you.

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